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Localization refers to Customization/and translation of software programs, software applications, Web and e-learning contents for any country, especially those countries which have language and cultural challenges, along with other trade barriers.

Research suggests that only 23% of online content is in English and users likely to view a website increases by three-fold if content is seen in their own language. For any enterprise with a Global footprint, a Localized website is essential for building international business and delivering a consistent, global customer experience with local relevance. On a ground-level developing this optimally correct translation and Localization strategy has its own complexities.

Our production specialists will ensure the local language version is formatted to your specifications and the end product appears to be typeset in the target language. We have a library of fonts in more than 100 languages including Persian, Arabic, Hebrew, Greek and Russian and can deliver electronic files based on your preference and format.


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